“As in heaven, so in South Africa!”

Transforming South Africa by prayer


John 15:7
If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish,
and it will be done for you.

What are SA Prayer Circles?

SA Prayer Circles is a dynamic inter-church prayer movement aimed at the transformation of our country, towns and cities through collective prayer. To overcome church divisions and unite believers, Prayer Circles are established in ‘neutral’ areas such as parks that are not associated with any church or religious organization.

 Hundreds of Prayer Circles have been established across South Africa as Christians respond to God’s call to unite and fight the good fight of faith together. We aim to have at least one Prayer Circle in every town and suburb of South Africa.

 We want to see God’s perfect will established in our towns and cities! Currently, the enemy seems to have free reign in our country. If we do not start to use our most powerful weapon – PRAYER – the enemy will continue to steal and destroy in our communities. Prayer has the power to disarm every evil work of the enemy in our country!

 We believe that through the redemptive work of Christ on the cross and through dedicated, collective prayer, it is possible to restore our towns and cities to beautiful and safe places to live in. We call on all believers in South Africa to step up in their divine calling as God’s representatives on Earth and pray His light, peace and order into every street and community of our country!

  “The only thing necessary for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing.”

“All we have to do is pray,
God will do the rest”

Our Vision

Why we do it

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Our Mission

How we do it


Our Story

How to engage your town


OUR VISION: As in Heaven, so in South Africa!

SA Prayer Circle’s vision is based on the Lord’s Prayer that instructs us how to pray: Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven (Mathew 6:10). We want to see God’s will and His Kingdom established in every street corner and every community of our country!

OUR MISSION: A Prayer Circle in every town of South Africa

Our mission is to establish a Prayer Circle in every town/suburb of South Africa. In this way, suburb by suburb, prayer by prayer, the enemy is losing ground and God’s love and restoration fill every broken situation in our beautiful country.

Vision & Mission

OUR STORY: How it started

SA Prayer Circles had its humble beginnings in the city of Potchefstroom, Northwest Province, South Africa in the year of 2018. Known as “Potch Prayer Circles” the movement was started by a group of passionate believers who turned to God for help with the ever-increasing decay in the city.

God gave us a simple, yet powerful strategy to follow:

• Cover the entire city with prayer by establishing a Prayer Circle in every suburb of the city.
• Unify believers and overcome church divisions by praying in areas that are ‘neutral’ and not associated with a particular church or institution. Prayer Circles were therefore established in parks.
• Plant a cross at the convening point in the park to proclaim that the area has been claimed back for Jesus and dedicated to God.
• Inscribe each cross with the words As in Heaven, so in this city as a declaration and proclamation of God’s will for the city.
• Believers from all walks of life, and different denominations get together every Monday 17h30 wintertime and 18h00 summertime to pray for their suburb or the city.

Soon after the movement was launched, changes started to happen in the city. An impressive city improvement plan, entitled the City Improvement District, that has been planned for years but battled to get off the ground, was suddenly realized. Within a short time, the effects of the plan could be seen and crime prevention, pollution management and infrastructure development have radically improved. Massive clean-up actions and ambitious community projects sprung up, visibly improving the lives of many in the city. God’s light started to break through in various sectors of the city.

From the beginning, the hand of God was with us, blessing us with favour, sponsors for crosses and billboards, prophesies and encouragement.

As time passed, more and more believers across the country started to show interest to implement the same prayer strategy in their towns and cities. As it gained momentum, SA Prayer Circles was established as a countrywide movement with the aim to transform our country through prayer.

Prayer Circles have since been established across South Africa from small towns such as Pofadder to large suburbs such as Randfontein or Tembisa . We praise God for the many miracles that are happening in towns and cities as we are bringing our broken country to the Lord for renewal and restoration.

God is fighting with us, and we are winning the war. As in Heaven, so in our country!

Together for the Kingdom!

Hanri de la Harpe
Founder and Coordinator: SA Prayer Circles

Philippians 4:6
Do not be axious about anything, but is every situation, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.